Now Is the Time to Start Thinking About Peonies!

By Lydia Wallis Peonies can be documented as far back in history as Confucius (551 – 479 BC).  They have been revered for centuries and immortalized on textiles and in paintings.  They are truly one of my favorite flowers with their entrancing beauty and alluring fragrance. Their magnificent blooms enhance border gardens but can also stand…Continue Reading “Now Is the Time to Start Thinking About Peonies!”


With their large flowers and magnificent presentation, magnolias are a staple of the Hamptons’ garden. Despite their current appeal, magnolias are one of the oldest flowering species and have been around since prehistoric times, even before the appearance of flying pollinators such as bees. To survive, magnolias adapted to using beetles to cross-pollinate their flowers….Continue Reading “Magnolias”


Photos: Courtesy of Cindy Willis Daffodils, Croci, Hellebores, Tulips and Pansies! Among these and many other plants that whisper ‘spring has finally come’, pansies are delicate and beautiful annual flowers enjoyed in border plantings and flower boxes. Pansies are great for adding instant pops of color well before late Spring and Summer plants produce blooms….Continue Reading “Pansies”